Exhibition: Shona Wilson ‘One a Day’

Words by
Georgina Reid
| October 27, 2015

‘I have learnt that no-one or thing creates with more diversity, elegance or imagination than nature, it is my teacher and muse and is infinitely inspiring’, says artist Shona Wilson. Throughout her 25 year career as a successful commercial artist, Shona has explored the way we live, through the documentation of our connection to the natural world.

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Shona is renowned for creating intricate sculptures that transform nondescript natural detritus into striking artworks, re-contextualizing the materials and therefore our relationship with them, and inviting the viewer to see the profound truth and beauty found within all life forms.

A few years ago, however, Shona started creating small ephemeral artworks as an accompaniment to her studio practice. What started as one artwork soon became a week of daily works, then a month, and after a few months she decided to make it a year-long project, developing a set of parameters to help keep it achievable: One ephemeral artwork a day for one year, rain or shine, tired or inspired, 5 mins or 50, a daily practice….

The One a Day project was ‘borne of a desire to open up creatively and spiritually’, Shona says. ‘A long time ago when I was at art school I discovered the ephemeral artwork of Andy Goldsworthy – the fact that he used no tools and only natural materials was immensely inspiring to me. I could see how applying these simple rules could open up new possibilities and new ways of seeing and engaging with materials.’

At the beginning of the project, Shona also discovered social media. She began posting each image on her Instagram account and soon built a network of engaged and supportive followers, like me! Each image she posted of her #oneaday series was like a deep, slow breath in contrast to the constant chatter of the digital landscape.

Even though they were tiny little squares on a screen, surrounded by other tiny little squares on a screen, Shona’s works stood out to me for their truth and richness. It was clear they were not just about sharing a likeable image, but were very much part of a deeper story and a process.

The One a Day story has grown into something much larger than Shona originally anticipated – what started as a daily spiritual and conceptual practice has now developed into a series of workshops called Collaborations with Nature, and, most excitingly, to an exhibition and book launch at Mossgreen Gallery in Melbourne in a few weeks time.

The exhibition will showcase the first year of Shona’s daily ephemeral art practice. All 365 images will be exhibited, accompanied by a book containing all images. The images in both the exhibition and book are purposely small – ‘To draw attention in, to focus the eye and possibly the mind and heart, mirroring how I used the phone /camera screen as a window to explore the worlds within worlds around me’, Shona says.

The One a Day exhibition opens on the 11th of November, and I’m officially opening it! I’m very excited. Come!


Mossgreen Gallery and The Planthunter invite you to the ‘One a Day’ exhibition opening and book launch.

Wednesday 11th November 6:00-8:00pm
926 High Street, Armadale, VIC
03 9508 8888
To RSVP to the exhibition opening, please email [email protected]

The One A day exhibition runs from the 11th of November until the 13th of December

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