Drama in Da House: Botanical Textiles

So you love plants. But you have a black thumb? No garden? No balcony? No window sill? Fear not – you can create a verdant paradise indoors with much aplomb and drama with WALLPAPER and FABRIC. Yep, you heard me right folks. Surround yourself with the stuff. Romance, fantasy, nostalgia, period drama, romantic comedy – we have it covered, from ceiling to skirt, from bolster to bedhead. In the world of theatre, you’d call this set design.

'Brisa' by Christopher Farr - available from Ascraft
'Les Fourges' by F.Schumacher - available from Orient House
'Botanical Wallpaper 2' by Digetex Home
'Arboretum' by Pierre Frey - available from Milgate
'Canopy' by Cloth Fabric, Sydney
'Amalfi' by Sandberg - available from Ascraft
'Linnea' by Sandberg - available from Ascraft
'Bananier' by Boussac - available from Milgate
'Ginko' by Sandberg - available from Ascraft

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