The Planthunter is an online publication founded and edited by Australian writer, editor and former landscape designer Georgina Reid. Since its launch in 2013, The Planthunter has grown an international reputation for its fierce commitment to communicating the importance and wonder of the natural world through rich, evocative and real storytelling.

Rambling among the realms of nature, garden, design and environmental writing, The Planthunter refuses to fit neatly into any genre, because meaning is not genre specific and life is messy. Here are some words that say something of what we are about, and why The Planthunter exists:


Our world is currently transforming in ways that feel terrifying; in ways that feed hopelessness and denial. There is no glossing this over. It’s easy to say that care and beauty and attention don’t matter right now. But they matter now, more than ever. Because the end of our story as a species is not written. We have an opportunity to write it.

Is there any more important work to be doing than this? Re-writing the way we see ourselves as a species in relation to the world around us. Re-seeing the many millions of ways in which we are sustained by the natural world. Re-imagining ways of being that are grounded in connect, not disconnect; in care, not control?

Now more than ever, the things that make us human matter. The things that connect us to each other and the world around us matter. The way we act, the way we see, the way we care matters.

The Planthunter exists to tell stories of the things that matter.


We follow the life advice of the late poet Mary Oliver:

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.


We find questions more interesting than answers. Questions like:

  • How can we be better gardeners of our planet, and ourselves?
  • How can we increase the visibility and perceived value of the people who care for the natural world? The gardeners, the farmers, the ecologists, the landscape architects, the artists?
  • What does it mean to be alive right now, as our world teeters on the edge of dramatic transformation? And, how can we, the gardeners, be of service at this time?


We use beauty to seduce people into falling in love with the world. Cynicism doesn’t provoke insight, thought and new perspectives. Beauty does, because it speaks of truth.

The Planthunter Is:

Georgina Reid

Georgina is a Sydney based writer, designer and gardener. With a background in landscape design, horticulture and journalism, she’s the editor and creative director of The Planthunter online magazine.

In 2018 she released her first book, with photographer Daniel Shipp, titled The Planthunter: Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plants (Thames and Hudson, 2018; and Timber Press, 2019).

In addition to editing The Planthunter, Georgina works with select clients to help them tell their story and make big ideas happen. She also contributes to a range of design publications, such as The Design Files, and hosts regular-ish Planthunter events.

Georgina is regularly asked to speak at design, cultural and landscape events such as Melbourne Writers Festival, Vivid Sydney, Garden Design Series Sydney, Melbourne Rare Plant Fair, Food and Words and more. She’s also been a guest on a bunch of podcasts, like ABC Conversations and Cultivating Place.

Daniel Shipp

Daniel is brilliant. He’s a perfectionist and is responsible for much of the gorgeous imagery on The Planthunter. He and Georgina work together on a range of projects and stories and share a complimentary aesthetic sensibility. 


The Nuts and Bolts

The Planthunter content is organised around monthly issues, each with a different content theme (check out some of our past issues here). Each week we publish a story or two relating to the issue theme. Every Thursday (mostly) we send out an email newsletter.

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