Get Your Hands Dirty!

We’re now running workshops at our Marrickville botanical lab.

Upcoming Workshops:

Pot + Plant Workshop

Make a pot, get a plant!

This hands-on ceramic workshop, presented by The Planthunter and The Fortynine Studio, is guaranteed to get your creative and botanical juices flowing. Over the course of a two and a half hour evening workshop you’ll pick a plant provided by us, learn all about it, and then hand build a ceramic pot custom made for your new plant friend. We’ll wind up the night with conversations about plants and creativity and The Fortynine Studio will fire your pot for you. It’ll be wonderful.

March 28, April 26, May 30, June 27 / $95 / 6:30-9:00pm / The Planthunter HQ, 51 Buckley Street, Marrickville

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Fabric Dyeing with Waste and Weeds

In this workshop, hosted by talented and passionate textile designer Samorn Sanixay, we’ll explore the ancient traditions of natural dyeing. Aside from learning to identify plants and materials the dye with, this workshop will focus on WASTE MATERIALS. Objects around us such as rust, discarded metal and compost. Things such as ( edible ) weeds, food scraps and foraged plants from the streets around our Marrickville studio. We will turn the unseen and ordinary into ‘extraordinary’ art translated onto organic fabrics.

April 30/ $185 / 10:30 am – 2:30 pm/ The Planthunter HQ, 51 Buckley Street, Marrickville

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Creative Indoor Gardening

Wanna turn your house into a jungle but not sure how? This is the workshop for you!

Join The Planthunter founder Georgina Reid for a crash course in creative indoor gardening. We’ll talk about the basics of keeping plants happy indoors (watering, light, fertilizing and all that jazz), propagating plants, designing with plants, and getting creative with them in your house.

There’ll be HEAPS of plant and design inspiration, some hands on learning, good conversation, wine, and more. You’ll go home with a collection of indoor plant cuttings to begin your jungle, and a head full of wild ideas on how to create it. FUN!

May 16/ $70 / 6:30-8:00pm / The Planthunter HQ , 51 Buckley Street, Marrickville

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